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About Dowez

Welcome to Dowez!


This is a platform for you to work for yourself.

We are a bunch of self-inspired folks who know how frustrating it can be to work for someone else, living from pay check to pay check, wondering if our boss still like us today, when the next promotion will be, having to be a prick in an environment of chest thumping colleagues in order to survive.

We believe that humans do not come to this world to offer servitude and become indentured corporate worker bees. We believe that given a choice, many of us would not want to work for someone else. No one likes to be bossed around – period.

This is why we create Dowez – a portal for us to take charge of our own personal and financial destiny by working for one person who truly matters – yourself and people who really matter to you.


Be a Dowez, let your talent shine. The opportunities will come looking for you.

Dowez allows anyone with a talent, skill or tool of trade to present and showcase who you are and what you can offer to others.

You can be currently be a professional, a veteran, a freelancer, a retiree, a home-maker or simply someone adventurous with a start-up business idea. No matter who you are, we believe you have something that some others are looking for. Dowez will connect and realise your full potential.